Responsibilities of Host Hospital

Please provide a completed referral form and consent form, located below, prior to the day of surgery for review by the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Colby G. Burns.

Before Surgery – The patient should have a complete preoperative physical evaluation, and assessment for anesthesia and surgery by the attending veterinarian. This assessment should include review of any preoperative blood test results. Radiographs may be taken prior to the surgeon’s arrival or radiographs that require special positioning (e.g. TPLO) may wait until the surgeon is present. Our office will be in contact with your clinic the day of the surgery to finalize the time of surgery. Once the time of surgery has been designated, all pre-medications and IV catheter placement and as much patient preparation as possible should be executed in a timeline anticipating the surgeon’s arrival. 

During Surgery – Anesthetic monitoring and technical support may be required on the day of surgery. All intra-operative medications (except for bupivacaine) need to be provided and administered by the attending veterinarian and technical staff. Most surgeries do not require a sterile surgical assistant.

After Surgery – All post-operative patient monitoring and recovery from anesthesia as well as post-operative patient care prior to discharge is to be performed by your staff. This includes providing and administering all appropriate medications. The surgeon can provide recommendations on aftercare, pain-relieving medications or antibiotics based on individual patient needs. Regional anesthesia and epidural anesthesia can be provided by North Tampa Veterinary Specialists.

Referral Forms

NTVS CONSENT Form_protected (doc)


NTVS Referral Form_protected (doc)